Coach Allocco Quotes

Life Quotes:

"Maturity is ignoring distractions, keeping total focus and concentration on the task at hand." Coach Frank Allocco

"Embrace the NOW for it is slippery, and must be held with love and with caution as we navigate toward a brighter tomorrow." аCoach Frank Allocco аа

"Those who are called to greatness must endure great challenges, disappointments, and frustration..Our response to those obstacles hardens our core, strengthens our soul and prepares us for the next challenge!" Coach Frank Allocco

“The success of any endeavor will be determined by the spirit in which it was entered.” аCoach Frank Allocco

"Your Mind is your universe, Master It! аCoach Frank Allocco

"Don't kill time, use time." а Coach Frank Allocco

"A person who possesses a strong character realizes that his destiny is ultimately his own." аCoach Frank Allocco

"You can't wait for doors to open, you have to knock them down." Coach Frank Allocco

"Do discipline over and over until repetition makes it a habit." аCoach Frank Allocco а

"Greatness comes with an attitude." аCoach Frank Allocco

"Make a choice today, have an uncommon, extraordinary day." а Coach Frank Allocco

"Mankind is at its best when we kneel in the service of others." а Coach Frank Alloccoа

"Life is competition, hard work, commitment, effort will win." а аCoach Frank Allocco

"Maturity is understanding the significance of the passing of time." аCoach Frank Allocco

"Don't just say 'thank you,' do thank you." а Coach Frank Allocco

"Our parents are our precious jewels and need to be treasured and polished." а Coach Frank Allocco

Coaching Quotes:

“When doing drillwork don’t go fast, go perfect.” Coach Frank Allocco

“Greatness occurs when one seeks and treasures the beauty of solitary repetition.” аCoach Allocco

"The beauty and challenge of coaching is that it is ever-changing and requires work and effort to keep up with new techniques and methods to improve." аCoach Frank Allocco

"If we expect our players to give us 125% effort, shouldn't we be willing to give them the same?" Coach Frank Allocco

"Challenge yourself to be the greatest competitor they have ever seen." аCoach Frank Allocco

"You can't become a great teacher until you become a great learner." аCoach Frank Allocco

"You are the only you in the universe, what will your story be? You are writing it EVERY day, your actions are your pen." аCoach Frank Allocco

"Work on it, don't wait on it." а Coach Frank Allocco

"We are not 'just' coaching basketball. We are changing lives using the medium of basketball." Coach Frank Allocco

"The key to your success as a coach is YOU." аCoach Frank Allocco

"The little things that appear to mean nothing, mean everything." аCoach Frank Allocco

"Little Things reap Big Rewards." аCoach Frank Allocco

"Our lives can never be measured in a score. It will be measured in the significance we have in the lives of others, by the change we affect through the action of our lives." аCoach Frank Allocco

"You will get whatever you tolerate." Coach Frank Allocco

"Post players must have a strong mentality when entering the post area. Great offensive and defensive post play occurs through toughness and the mastery of proper footwork." аCoach Frank Allocco

"Believe we can change the world, one player at a time.....keep hope alive!" аCoach Frank Allocco

"Winning must flow through your veins, like oxygen replenishing your blood." аCoach Frank Allocco

"Great leaders never proclaim it or announce it. They are created by their total commitment to others as they earn the respect of those who follow." аCoach Frank Allocco


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