Athletic History


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New Providence High School

Notre Dame 1972

I was blessed to attend an outstanding high school in New Providence, New Jersey where Iа
was mentored by some truly outstanding coaches who continue to be my role models to this day.а
My high school football coach, Frank Bottone, and my quarterback coach, Donald Carpenter, are still two of my biggest supporters. Coach Carpenterа
instilled a great work ethic in me and wasа
instrumental in teaching me the skills andа
working with me to achieve my dream ofа
attending the University of Notre Dame.а
Coach Paul Miller, my high school baseballа
and basketball coach, always made the gameа
fun for meаand challenged me to be theа
best I could be. These were truly "giants among
men," legendary Hall of Fame coaches in their own right, who had more impact as "life-changers" to the thousands of youngsters who called them "Coach.”

See Coach Allocco in action in the 1971 Highlights of New Providence-Caldwell

University of Notre Dame

Playing football and basketball at the University of Notre Dame was an experience that shaped me as an athlete and as a coach. I was a three year letterman in football and played on the 1973 National Championship Football Team under the tutelage of the legendary Coach Ara Parseghian. I played two years of basketball at Notre Dame, helping Coach Digger Phelps launch his outstanding program. Having the opporutnity to learn from two great coaches, Ara Parseghian and Digger а а а аPhelps, was an opportunity that I cherished then and now.а

ND-Alabama 75

Coach Parseghian is one of the finest men I haveаever known. He is still in my life today and I haveаbased my basketball programs on the winning blueprint he created in coaching Notre Dame Football to
the the top of the Collegiate Football World.а

Coach Parseghian continues to inspire and teach through his continued interaction with the University and his players and through his charitable foundation work for the Ara Parseghian Medical Foundation.

Frank Allocco Game Footage vs. Air Force '75
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Frank Allocco was the quarterback in the "Rudy Game." Click here to see "The Real Rudy Play.”

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